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ION 4.3

ION 4.3 Unique Display technology and liquid lens technology which delivers bright, sharp and highly contrasted images (480 x 272 pixels). Its ergonomic design provides comfortable use in awkward to access areas and its LED illumination modes are ideal for use in poor lighting conditions.

Price:  $795.00


U22091 The Daylight Magnifying Lamp provides full protection against static electricity and electrostatic discharge. With bright 28W Daylight light and the unique 7" precision optical white glass lens (1.75X, 3 diopter), this lamp combines the latest innovations in lighting design. The Daylight energy saving tubes ensures that you have plenty of comfortable daylight light to work with. It also comes with a 1.5" precision optical white glass swing arm lens (4.0X, 5 diopter). Lamp Brightness: 3120 Lux at 15cm and 1295 Lux at 3cm. Total amount of visible light emitted in lumens is 1900lm. Arm Length: 37.5 inches. Height: 18 inches.

Price:  $295.00

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